Tasty Tings

I started Tasty Tings within a few weeks of losing my job as a server. I was very unsure of how it would play out since the shelter-in-place order was administered in the Bay Area amid the rise of Covid-19. My idea was to make these Jamaican Patties for people to pre-order and come pick up at a certain location. With more people sheltering in place, I found myself doing more and more deliveries as the weeks progressed. I hope to do more outdoor markets in the future and hopefully create a network to have Tasty Tings sold in local markets and cafes throughout the Bay Area or even shipped online.

My main inspiration was when I started fiddling around with vegan cooking in trying to impress my partner. They’re really into clean and conscious eating, while I’m more interested in a big bowl of noodles so, I had to experiment. The patties I make today are far better than the ones I started making last year.

My first patty recipe was the Curried Sweet Potato which included chickpeas, sweet yellow onions and a special sauce to create a creamy texture to be wrapped inside the golden dough. My focus was to create flavors that I would enjoy eating (considering I’m always critiquing food) and that others with a more limited diet could also indulge in. As someone who grew up eating animal products, stepping into vegan cooking was somewhat frightening! Just because something is plant based, doesn’t mean it’s less flavorful. I think that’s where I felt the biggest and most fulfilling challenge- creating good food that’s also good for you.

Since launching the Tasty Tings brand, I’ve been the sole proprietor of this very new and small business. I started out of my partner’s kitchen and now I’m making everything from my own home. For now, I offer weekly deliveries of Jamaican Patties for pre-order. Additionally, I have done several pop-up locations in the East Bay where I serve up my favorite, Stewed Oxtails in addition to the patties! I think what I love the most is being able to bring people food in a time where there isn’t much to look forward to. Especially seeing my friends who order. I’m lucky to come from an incredibly supportive community within the SF Bay Area and I owe my success to my home. Although I’m a one-person show, I can’t say I’m self-made in that I wouldn’t be anywhere without the help of my community and the city that raised me. Wherever this new venture takes me, it is my biggest honor to feed and serve through Tasty Tings.


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Does the issue of light vs. dark perpetuate the idea that lighter skin = better?

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