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You can’t be totally healthy if you don’t look at health through multiple lenses. It can be difficult to grow your hair, lose weight, maintain a healthy weight and avoid health complications if you don’t drink enough water, eat a balanced diet, have healthy ways to relieve stress and know what things to use in moderation or avoid. I am in no way a professional when it comes to the human body or women’s health, but I do know that as a woman and a woman of color, it is important to know our bodies to physically and mentally be the best we can be. Some of the top killers in women are heart disease, cancer, diabetes and maternal health issues.

It is important to take action by maintaining a healthy weight and diet, avoid smoking, continue all regularly scheduled prenatal and women’s health visits, increase physical activity and avoid stress. Mental health is something our community just began talking more openly about. It has recently become a topic we are encouraging dialogue around to address trauma, fear, discrimination, generational curses, stress and much more. Healthy outlets are being highlighted more and more as we are seeking therapy, strengthening positive relationships, making dietary lifestyle changes and so many more things. Black women are three times more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications and underlying health problems like high blood pressure, fibroids and exposure to chronic stress and trauma.

We are more than just a hair oil company because it takes more than just an amazing oil to grow your hair. We are promoting and encouraging a lifestyle. Head to Toe is all about lifestyle and the many things we participate in—we hike, we cook, we write, we do yoga, we create and explore!

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