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There are more than a few distinct times in my life I can remember needing a close group of girlfriends to talk to about anything, or that one friend who just listens and allows you to get it all out, but most importantly, those friends you can have nonjudgmental conversations with about your love life, career decisions, sex, haircuts, a new diet you’re trying … the list is endless. I always imagined myself with a good group of girlfriends as I got older, like the ladies on “Living Single,” “Girlfriends” or my newest favorite, “Insecure.” Everyone needs a good friend or two who they can talk to about anything, problem solve with and bounce ideas off of!

As kids and teenagers, we hope to have friends we can vent with and gossip with at sleepovers while doing each other’s hair and nails (like we see in the movies). But when we grow up and our school-age issues and dramas turn into real life situations, where do people turn for answers and in-depth conversation about life? Not just the boy or girl you have a crush on who was looking at you from across the lunchroom in high school, and if you should approach them, but questions about if you should take a new job across the country, how you can get involved in social and civil rights activism, how many women are freezing their eggs while they pursue their career, or how many women of color have to “code switch” at work and be two different people in corporate America. The list goes on and on and the questions aren’t confined to one or even five categories; we have questions and feelings about investing and finances, careers, love, sex, race, traveling, etc.

We all have questions but it’s not always easy to ask them or find the answers. Where can women go to ask other women for real life experience answers? I’m not a licensed counselor, psychologist, therapist or even a motivational speaker, but I am a woman, who like many of you has gone through events and experiences, discovered things and stumbled upon things that can help someone else. I created a home here, a place to open up and be raw and organic. The questions don’t have to be formatted a certain way or limited to a specific topic; this is the place to ask anything … yes, anything. All your simple, intricate, burning and/or random questions about hair, food, what stocks to invest in, a new hiking trail. Even topics society has made us feel need to be kept “hush hush” like mental health, dating, women’s mortality, physical health, etc.

Social media has become a place where people constantly troll and only one body type is accepted, surgery and additives are glorified, and people hide behind anonymity. The ultimate goal is to start an open, judgement-free dialogue about anything under the sun. We need a place that is safe and accessible where we can come together virtually to connect and work through a diverse range of topics and issues.

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