Hair Journey

Tashma’s Hair Journey

Hello to all my fellow sisters reading this message,

My name is Tashma “Taj” Greene and I am the naturalista sister that you never knew you had. Lol. Seriously speaking, you are reading this testimony because you are in the same position that I have experienced time and time again. Collectively, we are learning to love and develop one of our most beautiful assets; our hair. Over the past six years I have faced internal turmoil with my hair by being precarious about what I thought it should look like. I have tried every hairstyle you can think of; I have tried every color that I saw on another woman. I have spent countless dollars for another woman’s mane. The problem wasn’t that I desired to find a hairstyle to call my own, the problem was that my opinion was based on the aesthetic of others. As time passed and I grew more comfortable in my own skin, I realized that the only hairstyle that would resonate with the woman that I was becoming was my own mane. Rather than trying to grade my hair, I learned to appreciate its growth at each respective stage. In July 2020, I made the decision to restart my hair journey by shaving off all of my hair and allowing it to grow in its righteousness. I learned that my portrayal of beauty would differ heavily from what was primarily represented in mainstream media. It wasn’t until August 2020, that I embraced my sisterlock journey and it has served as one of the best decisions I could have ever made.


Hair Journey
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