Hair Journey

Amana’s Hair Journey

The first time I cut my hair, I was a senior in High-School. Growing up my family would always tell me that a woman’s “Glory” was her hair. The longer the better. I believed that until the moment I cut it off. All of a sudden, I felt free. A confidence grew in me that was missing for 20+ years. Plus, it felt good to not be “that girl with the hair” anymore.

This first “semi-chop” was about 8 years ago and my hair has been short ever since. However, the past year or so I’ve tossed around the idea of growing it back out. But haircuts became addicting and that’s all I wanted after two weeks of growth. Fear and anxiety also began bubbling to the surface anytime I envisioned myself with long hair. Fear that I’d lose pieces of myself that had already taken so long to discover. Though, I realized, these fears were for a version of me that I no longer held onto.

So, after a long conversation with myself, and never-ending affirmations, I decided in March that it was time to just do it. Just let it grow. I feel I’ve been building up for this moment. The journey of growing my hair out once more is my Final Boss level. To me, it’s the true reclamation of my hair and I welcome it in all its glory. Whether that be short, long or not at all… I know now that I am glorious all on my own.



Hair Journey
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