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Natalie’s Hair Journey

Going natural was the best decision of my life I’ve never felt more beautiful, confident, unapologetic and free.  My hair journey started back in December 2018 when I decided that this was going to be the last time I relaxed my hair. At the time I was battling whether to just do a big chop or to go through a transition period but after careful consideration, I decided to go through a transition. During the transition period I mostly kept my hair in braids and protective styles fearful that if I witnessed my hair in transition I would back out and change my mind, so I figured out of sight and out of mind. As the months progressed, I was getting more and more anxious to see my hair every time I took my hair down and switched to another protective style. I just could not believe I had never seen my hair in all its naturalness and I was getting really excited at how my hair was progressing.

In September of 2019 is when it all went down. I remember when I booked my appointment; I was originally only going in to get a trim but as I approached the chair, I thought fuck it, lets do it, let’s chop this hair off today.  My hairstylist proceeded to get ready to trim my hair and then I said out loud, “lets chop it off today”. As the words left my mouth I immediately started to panic. Regina (that’s my hairstylist) could see the panic in my face and she reassured me that I was going to be fine and that she was going to make me look beautiful. As I started seeing the hair fall to the floor, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and at that moment I felt a heavy weight leave my shoulders and I felt at ease. When she was finished, I could not believe how I looked; not going to lie, the first time I saw my hair in its natural state, I was shocked! I felt like I was looking at a completely different person and I loved it!

It’s been almost a year since I went fully natural and I love learning different things about my hair. I have 4c hair, that is low porosity, and my curl pattern is looser in the front of my hair than in the back of my hair.  There are so many protective styles that I get to do on natural hair that I would not have been able to get away with on relaxed hair. I also get so many compliments on my hair when I’m wearing it in its natural state, especially when I pick it out into a bomb ass fro! That is literally my favorite way to wear my hair because that is the type of hairstyle that commands all one’s attention, period.

Anybody that is considering going natural I encourage you to do it, don’t let your fears get in your way. You are a beautiful strong black queen and you should be celebrated. Once you go natural you make a commitment to have healthier hair and once you begin the process, you will feel more empowered by your decision because you accomplished something amazing!



Hair Journey
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